Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Band Feature: Losa

Back in 2005, after a great big signing binge with metalcore bands, Metal Blade stumbled upon this pretty different experimental band called Losa from Texas. Losa got to put their very first release titled “The Perfect Moment” out on Metal Blade, which got a lot of good reviews from various sources. “The Perfect Moment” is one of those albums that’s actually one single track, in this case chopped up into nine parts. Then in 2006 Losa got dropped by Metal Blade...

Describing Losa is a difficult task. Many people could say that Losa somehow fits into the world of metalcore. There are bits that sound akin to Meshuggah, I personally could hear some bits of Tool (though not everyone else thinks so). When the vocals are going, most of the time they’re harsh, and reminiscent of a screamo style scream. There is singing, but it’s not done in a way to create sing along style choruses. There are also parts that could be considered breakdowns, in the sense that a song slows down and gets heavier to get a crowd moving, but not the standard style of metalcore “chugga” style breakdowns.

The Perfect Moment

There doesn’t seem to be much info at the Losa website, but it did get updated in January saying the band isn’t dead, although last I heard they lost a guitarist and their drummer. I love their website though. Good looking, simple, and it's easy to see and get linked to lots of stuff you might want or need from Losa.

Losa At Metal Blade
Losa At MySpace
Lose At PureVolume
An e-card for “The Perfect Moment”



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