Thursday, March 22, 2007

Band Feature: Premonitions Of War

The legacy of this band sadly seems to have faded somewhat due to inactivity. Premonitions Of War play what many have described as something fitting into the world of hardcore/metalcore and grind. Their songs typically sound like they locked themselves in the studio and beat the crap out of their instruments until they came out with songs around one minute and thirty seconds. Pretty intense stuff. Their debut full-length album in 2004 “Left In Kowloon” on Victory was produced by Erik Rutan and got a lot of very good reviews. “Left In Kowloon” is only twenty five minutes long, but those are some intense moments.

Left In Kowloon

The band seemed to go around like touraholics, boasting that one year that they played 300 dates, even with the revolving door of band members (possibly due to all the touring). Their last (and most likely current) vocalist Nate Johnson did vocal duties in Deadwater Drowning before going to Premonitions Of War, and was found recently playing bass and doing vocals for The_Network. The best vocal work I heard Nate do however was on his guest spot for The Acacia Strains last album, the guy has a very deep haunting voice when recorded properly.

Premonitions Of War/Benumb Split

S/T aka Glorified Dirt

Premonitions Of War
has had a strange legacy when it comes to releases. They started off with two EPs, the first EP getting some confusion on its name, whether it was simply S/T or “Glorified Dirt” in 2000 (I guess the band decided to go with “Glorified Dirt”), then after that putting out “True Face Of Panic” in 2002 on Goodfellow. Then came the famed “Left In Kowloon” in 2004 on Victory. Then came the split with Benumb on Thorp in 2005, as well a re-recording “Glorified Dirt” packaged it with the old recording of “True Face Of Panic” on the aptly titled “Glorified Dirt/True Face Of Panic” release in 2005 on Black Market Activities.

True Face Of Panic

Now Black Market Activities says that Premonitions Of War is working on a new album for Victory, but that the band is essentially taking things slow because of other members playing in other bands. I’ll do what I can do dig up some sort of e-mail or contact to the band and find out what they’re doing, because I know myself and a few others would love to have another full-length from Premonitions Of War.

Glorified Dirt/True Face Of Panic

For some reason, the band has some promotional pictures with six people, when only five play instruments. It’s never been explained who the extra guy is, whether he’s their manager or merch guy or roadie or something...

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