Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Despised Icon Post New Song

I mentioned in my concert article that Despised Icon played a song from their upcoming album at the London show, and “In The Arms Of Perdition” was the song they played. They also mentioned that a video had been filmed for the song as well.

Just as I mentioned before, the song does hang mostly towards the faster side, a bit of a departure for Despised Icon. Despised Icon mentioned on a previous occasion that they don’t want to make the same album twice, and this new song certainly presents some details not found in present Despised Icon material, while still retaining their signature sound. I could hear some elements of thrash, there was a guitar solo, and even tiny dashing of melody.

While the previous Despised Icon albums seem to stand heavily on intensity, “In The Arms Of Perdition” brings a much stronger song writing element forth. You can check out the new song at their MySpace page here.

Despised Icon
Despised Icon At MySpace
Despised Icon At PureVolume
Despised Icon At Century Media
Despised Icon At Relapse
Despised Icon At Galy
Despised Icon At Metal Archives
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