Thursday, March 01, 2007

Band Feature: Jesu

Jesu is the band formed by Justin Broadrick after he put the widely influential and phenomenal Godflesh to rest, feeling that Godflesh wasn’t the same after founding member and bass player Ben Green Left.

Jesu made gained a lot of interest when they released their full length, the self-titled “Jesu”. I have that album, and I can see why Jesu is getting so much attention. The latest full-length titled “Conqueror” was released on February 19 2007, and the reviews so far have been extremely promising. The EPs “Silver” and “Heartache” are proving a bit difficult for me to get my hands on (especially the “Heartache” EP).

The latest album, "Conqueror".

plays what’s described by a lot of people as mixture of industrial, drone and ambient, and that’s probably the best explanation I can put into words. It’s certainly something that would fit in with later Neurosis (because of the clean vocals).

Jesu Links:

Official Website
Conqueror Website (You can hear the whole album streamed here)
Hydra Head
Conqueror Review At Metal Review
Conqueror Review At Decibel
Interview With Justin Broadrick At Decibel
Jesu At BNR
Jesu At Metal Archives
Jesu At Doom Metal
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