Sunday, March 04, 2007

Concert: Despised Icon, Job For A Cowboy, Arise And Ruin, Allatus Adeo, Nebraska, And Closed Casket Funeral

Saturday March 3 At Call The Office In London Ontario

On Saturday March 3 right at noon I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to see a concert in London with Despised Icon at Call The Office. That was all the information he presented me. Knowing the venue is a nice place, and having seen Despised Icon before, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the show.

I usually try to make it to the venue before the doors open to try and get in too see the first bands play. It’s funny things work out, as often in making plans months ahead I still manage to end up missing a band or 2, yet on this occasion with such last minute details, we got everything we wanted to get done early and on time.

Myself and a couple of friends got inside Call The Office just in time to see Closed Casket Funeral play. Closed Casket Funeral comes from Windsor takes some heavy influence from Dillinger Escape Plan. While they did their best on stage to keep animated, the vocalist was out of breath between songs, and they were a bit sloppy and don’t stand out much in a creative sense against their peers.

Next up was Nebraska, sort of a southern styled metalcore band along the same lines as Every Time I Die or Her Candane. When they first started, I was holding onto the divider between the audience and the stage, and when they began the bass player came right up and stepped on my hand. When the bass player jumped into the audience to crowd surf, he smacked the end of his bass against my head. I watched the guitarist have a problem with his guitar which rendered him unable to play for a whole song, and the vocalist lost his microphone going into the audience so many times. They tried hard though...

The next band, Allatus Adeo came next. They got off to a quick start playing strange noisy metalcore. All of their songs seem to split equal time spewing forth distorted chaos and lighter musical moments with strange effects, and no good cop vocals. They audience got into it rather quickly, and they moshed hard during the heavy parts, and took a break during the light moments as if the music had being created solely with that purpose in mind. During the show vocalist mentioned the band was Christian, although other peoples beliefs didn’t both them. The statement seemed to be lacking in purpose... I heard someone in the audience yell “Smoke crack and worship Satan!”, which must’ve been a response to the band stating they were Christian. Despite being religious, they put on a professional show which fun to watch, listen to, and be entertained by.

I had seen Arise And Ruin’s EP in the CD shop in town, and I had seen their video on the Much Music show Loud, and represent one of the few signed metalore bands in Ontario. Many people have stated that melodic metalcore is over-saturated, and my previous listening experience to Arise And Ruin had me label them as part of the pack. The roots of metalcore, much like hardcore however are very underground and all about the live show. Power poured from their set, and out came a powerful live mix of melodic metalcore and more modern hardcore akin to Hatebreed. The audience was caught up in them, and so was I.

This show was the first show ever in Canada for Job For A Cowboy. The internet seems to have helped in building the popularity for Job For A Cowboy. Some audiences view Job For A Cowboy as a modern creative force in the world of death metal, while others from a more “troo” crowd seem to hate the band based purely on popularity. I was looking forward to seeing this band after hearing so much about them myself, and hearing the songs featured on their MySpace page. The band did not disappoint, owning the stage moving all over, giving the crowd a good view of their technical prowess when it came time to do a solo. This technical prowess included the vocalist who had some vocal passages with lots of words stuffed in, which were all in time rhythmically and properly pronounced in his signature standout voice. I could see this guy giving George “Corpsegringer” Fischer some competition. I could see that the vocalist lacked a hint of confidence, as he didn’t look into the audience that much and not much was said between songs. The band has certainly built a reputation in many ways, and from the looks of things, for good reasons.

It was my third time seeing Despised Icon. I’ve witnessed them on stages big and small, as well as audiences of varying sizes. They go nuts every time, and this time was no different. What I found unfortunate at this point in the show was actually the audience, as it seemed there were more people there for Job For A Cowboy than Despised Icon. After seeing the amount of hometown spirit the Massachusetts crowd gives towards their bands, it was sad to see some lacking Canadian support for Despised Icon. Insanely harsh, extremely fast with massive jumps between tempos, Despised Icon provide lots of loved chaos. The live environment is Despised Icons home, with massive breakdowns inciting hardcore style dancing and plenty of crowd surfing (especially from the bands 2 vocalists). They played a new song for their upcoming album which seemed to stick mostly to fast tempos, a bit of a departure from their earlier work which continually shifts between tempos.

Seeing all those bands in a small crowded venue always reassures me that those small clubs are often the best.



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