Friday, March 02, 2007

Band Feature: PsyOpus

I remember this band being on the second stage at the 2004 New England Metal And Hardcore Fest. They’re one of those technical metal/hardcore/jazz bands looking out-tech basically everybody (they may have succeeded in doing that in some peoples eyes). I have their first full length which came out on Black Market Activities, which was re-released on Metal Blade, and now it seems that PsyOpus is signed full-on with Metal Blade.

I thought “Ideas Of Reference”, the first album from PsyOpus was a decent effort with some surprisingly catchy bits, although the band sometimes gets so caught up in jazzy scale runs in the high guitar register that the low-end bottom falls out. I’ve heard a couple of new songs from their latest effort “Our Puzzling Encounters Considered”, and those songs seem to have succeeded technically, but still have the same problem with low end. I’ve heard that they’ve experimented with some not so technical parts which weren’t represented in songs available online.

“Our Puzzling Counters Considered” was released on February 20 through Metal Blade.

PsyOpus Links:

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Review Of “Our Puzzling Encounters Considered” At Decibel Magazine
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