Thursday, March 15, 2007

Raise The Red Lantern Has Recorded New Material

Raise The Red Lantern come from Chicago Illinois, the same home as Minsk, and wow are these guys hard to pin down. I’m going to give it a stab and say that they’re a stoner rock band with a heavy sludgy sound, with some long droning melodic moments that give them some relation to metalgaze.

Lambgoat just reported that Raise The Red Lantern spent some time in the studio with Sanford Parker who has worked with Minsk and Buried At Sea to record 3 songs. In keeping with their current tradition of keeping themselves really underground by having only a few songs, those 3 songs will appear on a split with Lord By Fire, a band that hails from Richmond Virginia. That split will be released through weAREtheLABEL. Expect a new song on Raise The Red Lantern's MySpace page sometime soon.

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