Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Band Feature: Lengsel

I know many readers (mostly my personal friends) of this site might be unfamiliar with Extol. Well, Extol is a long standing experimental Christian band from Norway. They were known for making drastic changes between albums (most being critically acclaimed), but keeping a portion of black metal in all their work.

Lengsel is comprised of 3 band members, all of which are still in Extol. Lengsel incorporates post-hardcore with a subtle hint of black metal underneath, with the slower moments being akin to metalgaze, while the faster and noisier moments come close to Converge. The main feature though, seems to be the fact that half the time the band isn’t playing metal. Expect spoken word moments with accordions, or nice strum with an acoustic guitar, and that’s only what I heard so far from their MySpace page.

I can definitely see Lengsel appealing to fans of Opeth with some extra added experimental flair.

Lengsel released their latest album, “The Kiss - The Hope” last December through Whirlwind.

Lengsel At MySpace
Lengsel At Whirlwind
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Review Of “The Kiss - The Hope” At Metal Review



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