Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nile On Ozzfest

Posted recently was the news about the bands that will appear on this new “free” Ozzfest this summer, one of them being one of my personal favourite bands Nile.

I made some predictions about this happening earlier to some friends, and I believe here on this blog as well a few months back too. To be honest, when I heard that Ozzfest was going to be free, and likely would have fewer bands, I thought that prediction might go by the wayside.

Death metal has certainly been changing a lot in the new millennium. A lot more creative bands came out, a lot of metalcore bands got their beginnings touring with death metal bands, and some have even returned the favour and gotten death metal bands on more metalcore focussed tours.

The rising popularity of Nile and their appearance on Ozzfest will hopefully give death metal some more recognition and popularity, as well a some of death metals related extreme kin.



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