Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Infected Malignity Post New Song

Cruising by SMN News today, I saw a post for a new song for simply “Japanese death metallers”. I’ve noticed that Japanese bands have a tendency to execute music either as generically as possible in an attempt to make something executed properly (I think I may have heard one good Japanese band operating under that idea), or they get so experimental that no one gets it. Well, the whole experimenting to the point where the music is just too weird and no one gets it seems to be giving way to bands experimenting in just the right ways and gaining a larger and larger underground following.

For such a standard death metal name as Infected Malignity, that new song I heard on their MySpace page grows in catchiness. The beginning of the song “Fictitious Follower” starts off decent, and a little different than I expected, and it seemed like every riff added to the song was progressively infectious, going from “Hmm, a little different, not quite what I expected” to humming along with those last harmony lines.

If the song “Fictitious Follower” is an indication of the overall sound for the next Infected Malignity release, then I hope they get a North American record deal. If they can grow enough interest in North America, perhaps we could see some Japanese bands touring in North America with some of the more known bands in extreme music.

Like most Japanese bands in the world of extreme music, Infected Malignity continues the tradition have having an ugly website.

Infected Malignity

Infected Malignity At MySpace
Infected Malignity At PureVolume
Infected Malignity At Metal-Archives
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