Monday, March 26, 2007

Band Feature: Diskreet

I gave this band a listen after their debut EP got a very good review from Metal Review this morning. The description that’s been given from Metal Review and the band themselves is technical death/grind/core (there are a few “chugga” style breakdowns present). The technical aspect is certainly present in the form of super fast drums and lots of guitar runs, which reminded me of Necrophagist and Beneath The Massacre, and they’re surprisingly catchy for being all over the place.

Diskreet appears to be looking to release their EP “Infernal Rise” on April 3 through Candlelight and Siege Of Amida. I’ve heard the band is also working on a full-length.

Diskreet At MySpace
Diskreet At Metal-Archives
Siege Of Amida At MySpace
Review of “Infernal Rise” At Metal Review



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