Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Unsigned Band Feature: Dr. Doom

It’s funny how things can work out when a band is given the proper opportunity. I was going by SMN News on my regular news readings and saw Dr. Doom, a Dutch grind/metalcore band as the last post, putting them at the top of the page.

The single theme of the band seems to revolve around the Fantastic Four nemesis Dr. Doom, which reminds me of a review I read recently in Decibel Magazine about grind bands being dedicated to a single theme. It’s a bit difficult to gage how dedicated Dr. Doom is to the comic book character since they don’t have a release out yet with art, or printed lyrics.

The material on their MySpace page is tight, well-produced and well written, and having their first live shows coming up soon with Cephalic Carnage, things seem to be on their way up for Dr. Doom (lets hope they don’t get sued over the name). While I don’t know for sure, the overall quality level suggests they’ve had some experience. A band that truly deserves to get signed.

Dr. Doom At MySpace



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