Monday, April 02, 2007

Even More Lineup Changes For Hate Eternal

Cruising through the music news pages as I do every day, I came across the info that bass player Randy Piro is leaving Hate Eternal.

Back in 2006 when Hate Eternal was on tour with Chimaira, Arch Enemy and God Forbid, the show had finished, and I was at the merch both for Hate Eternal when Randy Piro started talking to me about Ion Dissonance because I was wearing an Ion Dissonance shirt. The conversation progressed and he spoke about the famed Quebec band Gorguts and their underground classic "Obscura". I went on to get the whole Gorguts collection because of that conversation with Randy.

At that same show I had conversation with the fill-in drummer Hate Eternal had at that time, Kevin Talley, who is now the official drummer for Hate Eternal. I also got to talk to Erik Rutan which was a great experience, due to the fact that I grew up on the Morbid Angel album "Dominate", which was the first album Erik Rutan played on for Morbid Angel.

For Hate Eternal, this marks the second time they’ve had a complete lineup change, and the first time Hate Eternal will have a completely different lineup between albums (with the exception of Erik Rutan of course, it’s his band).

The reason why Randy Piro is leaving Hate Eternal is to focus his time on his band Gigan with guitarist Eric Hersemann and drummer Grover Norton.

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