Thursday, March 29, 2007

Band Feature: The Abominable Iron Sloth

In 2006 this band released their first self-titled album on Goodfellow to lots of very good reviews. I was surprised it didn’t appear on any best-of lists for 2006. If you’re wondering what they play, super heavy low tuned sludge that usually hangs around the mid/quick tempo range. The tempo is a bit surprising considering how heavy the band is, and that most sludge bands prefer to keep things slow. What was also surprising was the most of the songs on The Abominable Iron Sloth were short, usually under three minutes.

The Abominable Iron Sloth

The last I heard they’d broken up. When I started searching for the band to provide some links too, their MySpace page says that the band is back together, and is preparing for a new album in 2007 (but with only one member). Losing the whole lineup, and with the lone core member talking about how he’s working two jobs, and only has enough time to watch one TV show and sleep isn’t a good sign though...

The Abominable Iron Sloth
The Abominable Iron Sloth At MySpace



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