Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hate Eternal Finds New Bass Player

It is official, Alex Webster, the bass player from Cannibal Corpse will play bass on the new Hate Eternal album. Alex and Erik have been good friends for a long time, and in fact when Erik started Hate Eternal, Alex was the original bass player, although I think he had to quit due to time constraints before the first Hate Eternal album “Conquering The Throne” was released back in 1999.

I’m guessing that more than likely Alex will be a guest rather than a permanent member, due to the fact that Alex doesn’t do vocals, and that his main band is Cannibal Corpse. The flip side is that Cannibal Corpse doesn’t tour very heavily since they make enough money to make it their day job, and Hate Eternal doesn’t tour as often because Erik does a lot of producing. Erik and Alex might be able to get their schedules to coincide to allow Alex to tour. All they would need to decide would be whether Hate Eternal would soldier on as a band with one vocalist, or whether Alex, Kevin Talley, or perhaps a second guitarist would do backing vocals.

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