Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Band Feature: Dekadent

I was cruising through Blabbermouth the other day, and I happened upon a news post talking about a band from Dekadent from Slovenia about recording their new album, which will be titled “The Deliverance Of The Fall”. The Blabbermouth post lists them as “atmospheric black metal”, and the Metal-Archives classifies this band as black metal, but the songs I heard at their website to my interpretation don’t sound like black metal.

What I heard from the mp3s provided on their web page sound similar to some kind of electronic/pop music. It’s very guitar oriented with very heavy guitars, fast pounding double bass and harsh vocals. At some points, the guitars have a somewhat cold stark sound, and the vocals could be compared to black metal style vocals, but for the most part, I would not classify this as what most people think of when they think of black metal. The end result nonetheless is extremely compelling.


Dekadent At Metal-Archives

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