Friday, May 18, 2007

Band Feature: Bloody Panda

I had actually heard of this band first through Decibel Magazine, and I was intending to check them out. Unfortunately in the reviews section of Decibel Magazine, as funny as they might seem, often they don’t actually describe the music. It wasn’t until Revolver Magazine and their “Quick Fix” section where they described Bloody Panda as sounding like “A crazy Japanese chick hijacking the mix at tectonic doom behemoths Khanates final show - and moaning so well thy decided not to break up.”

I really took some time to check Bloody Panda after that because I happen to like Khanate a lot. I think their music is barely tolerable, and their not the kind of band I listen to because I “like” the music (I know that sounds weird and doesn’t make sense). Actually I can’t understand why anyone else likes Khanate besides myself.

Bloody Panda doesn’t quite sound like Kahante, but they do feature some things sonically that might appeal to people who like slow intolerable music. There are some big differences between Bloody Panda and Khanate, namely that Bloody Panda doesn’t seem to use drums very often, even though they often feature a drummer when playing live. Bloody Panda also features singing in Japanese instead of screaming high poetry in English. Bloody Panda doesn’t also use feedback as much as Khanate does, if even at all.

Bloody Panda released their last album titled “Pheromone” in April through Level Plane.

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