Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Band Feature: Battlefields

The band name seems a little typical and misleading. You might expect a band with a name like Battlefields to play something like death metal about war, or maybe old school 80's thrash, but instead, we get a strange type of metalgaze. The majority of the songs I heard had clean shimmering guitars that bring to mind Cult Of Luna, especially those moments when other bits of ambient noise or a melodic guitar line is thrown on top. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a heavy distorted mess of heaviness, often with harmonized harsh vocals similar to Rune. Very intriguing stuff.

Battlefields debut album “Stained With The Blood Of An Empire” was released through Init Records. There are only four songs, but the total album length comes up to thirty-five minutes.

I almost forgot to mention that I found out about this band through Aversion Online. If you go to the Aversion Online link, you can get a free mp3 from the “Stained With The Blood Of And Empire” release.

Battlefields At MySpace
Battlefields At Init Records
Battlefields Aversion Online



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