Thursday, May 10, 2007

Band Feature: Krohm

With an article not too long ago about Nachtmystium signing to Century Media, and naming Xasthur in that article, yet another US black metal band has come to my attention, stumbled upon through Blabbermouth.

The unmastered songs on Krohms MySpace page actually seemed to nail a good raw style production, keeping all the instruments audible. Krohm doesn’t seem quite so interested in being as extreme as possible as they are with creating an atmosphere, with a cold stark guitar tone that often uses arpeggios moving between dissonant and melodic moments. The vocals sound as though they might be done in another language, or perhaps imitating a foreign accent.

It’s surprising to hear a band of this quality sound so Norwegian, yet come from Seattle Washington. Krohm will have their newest album titled “The Haunting Presence” come out through Debemur Morti Productions. The release date as of yet is not known.

Krohm At MySpace
Krohm At Debemur Morti Productions



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