Friday, May 04, 2007

Artist Vs. Blogger

Recently a band that I grew up with released an album with a song denouncing a specific blogger. The song has gone as far to become the single, and video from that album. While I like the music of the song in question, I disagree with message in the lyrics.

The song is basically a hate song going out to the author of a blog who made some offensive comments in an article about a certain heavy metal musicians death.

My disagreement with the song from the band is due to the fact that rather than paying homage to their fallen comrade, they’ve used it strike at the blogger, which ends up giving a lot more attention to the blogger than it does their fallen comrade. I already know the article the blogger wrote offended lots of people in the metal community, and lots of other people not involved in metal as well. I’m sure many regular people would agree, a person does not deserve to die simply because they play a certain style of music for a living.

The song written by the band however brings a lot of attention to the blogger, and not just the negative attention the band wants to bring, there could be a small portion of people who might condone the bloggers comments who would not normally have known about this author had he not been mentioned in a song.

In the end, the blog author was, and still is a nobody with a website. He made blatant insults about a persons death by compiling a collection of heavy metal and rock ‘n roll stereotypes. His article was a pile of ranting rhetoric, with hollow meaningless insults, and some big words stuck in there. None of his sources were cited. Now with an artist using his name in a song, this blog author can get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Note: I was originally going to write this article naming both the artist and the blogger, but since my message is about ignoring the blogger, I re-wrote it without revealing the identity of the band or the author of the blog.



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