Thursday, May 03, 2007

Band Feature: Of The Archangel

Going by Metal Perspective (a place that normally focusses more on power metal, progressive and rock), and I found a post about how a band titled Of The Archangel now have an official website and MySpace online.

Their MySpace page lists them as a mixture of Gothic and Death Metal. That description actually doesn’t sound like anything new, but the actual music sounds pretty different from most goth metal. Instead, if you’re at all familiar with pure goth music (which many consider not to have much relation at all to metal, and is usually more related to electronic music), Of The Archangel has quite a bit of relation to slow, sombre goth music, but with a heavier slant, such as guitars and harsh vocals. The end result is pretty unique.

Of The Archangel
Of The Archangel At MySpace
Of The Archangel At Metal-Archives



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