Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Band Feature: Obscurus Advocam

We have more music from the venerable hotbed of France. Obscurus Advocam play a style of black metal that lacks keyboards, which is typically raw, but in their case they use good production to their advantage. The overall sound is very “epic”, both from a songwriting standpoint and standard song length. In many ways I was actually reminded of Dimmu Borgir, not in the sense that both bands sound similar, but in the sense that both bands could have their music used for an action movie soundtrack.

Obscurus Advocam had their last album “Verbia Daemonicus” released in February through Battle Kommand, with some very un-black metal styled cover artwork. I should note that while the promotional picture at the top features only one band member, Obscurus Advocam actually has three current members.

Battle Kommand is the record label run by Blake Judd, AKA Azentrius, the man behind Nachtmystium. I must admit, I’ve always liked his interviews. He comes across as a cool guy willing to experiment with his music, and he doesn’t mind who listens to his music, and he doesn’t mind who listens to the bands on his record label either.

As another note, I’d also like to mention that France is quickly becoming one of my favourite locations for music. Unlike many other people who like musical location due to a significant amount of bands playing a certain style of heavy music (which is actually the reason why I like the Quebec scene), I like France, along with Japan because they’re both locations that put out consistently high quality experimental music. In the case of France, music coming from that location tends to be of very high quality even when bands aren’t trying to experiment that much, unlike Japan, where the bands from there that don’t experiment much tend to be boring.

Obscurus Advocam

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