Sunday, May 20, 2007

Premonitions Of War - Back From The Brink Of Death!

Here’s a post from Lambgoat that details what’s going on with Premonitions Of War -

Following a lengthy hiatus, Premonitions Of War has returned. According to the band, "it's been a long two years - some members touring in other bands, some spending time in jail. We are currently writing new material and have begun booking shows for the summer." Sean Vandegrift, formerly of From A Second Story Window will be filling in on vocals in May and June while Nate Johnson tours with Through The Eyes Of The Dead.

I think this details a few questions I was wondering about Premonitions Of War. I guess the whole jail thing would make it difficult for them to tour in Canada...

If you go to their MySpace page, you can listen to, and download live songs with what sounds like Nate Johnson doing the vocals.

With Premonitions Of War back, hopefully they can work on the rumoured upcoming release on Victory.

Finally, listing B. Petree as “Tactical Support” (most likely a merch guy, or roadie, or sound guy) would explain the appearance of the unexplained sixth member in promotional shots, although the promotional shot I've chosen features five band members that play instruments.

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