Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ion Dissonance Post New Song

Another song from the upcoming Ion Dissonance album, titled “Of Me, Nobody Is Safe”, has been posted at their MySpace page here. The song comes from their forthcoming album “Minus The Herd” due out June 5 through Abacus.

I’ve also posted the page at the Metal-Archives for Despised Icon, as Ion Dissonance and Despised Icon have close connections, and there is some Ion Dissonance info at that page. Unfortunately, it seems that some people at the Metal-Archives don’t feel that Ion Dissonance is metal, or perhaps metal enough to be on their site. It’s too bad, as I’ve spoken to many “real” metal fans who like Ion Dissonance.

Ion Dissonance
Ion Dissonance At MySpace
Ion Dissonance At PureVolume
Ion Dissonance At Abacus
Despised Icon At Metal-Archives

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