Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Album Review: Demiricous - One (Hellbound)

I decided that since I won’t review the new Slayer album “Christ Illusion”, I’d take a look at this years next best thing, being the debut album from Demiricous.

I can sum up the sound of “One (Hellbound)” in one word, Slayer. Slayer with a different vocalist who has mid range/high sort of rasp. Of course to some people that’s not quite a good enough description, maybe you want to know what bits and pieces have been taken, or which album they sound most like. Well, pretty much all the songs have the familiar verse/chorus format, and pretty much stay the same tempo throughout the entire song, so it’s not quite the hurricane of broken glass that “Reign In Blood” is. There’s also no experimentation with slow songs or clean guitars either, so it’s not quite “South Of Heaven” or “Seasons In The Abyss”.

For many, “One (Hellbound)” is a fun throwback with some modern touches upon Slayer. It feels as though it’s played by an energetic youthful bunch. It’s unfortunate that most of the songs sound similar to each other, though not quite sounding exactly all the same. The youthful energy produced by the band has created twelve mid paced/quick songs that never reach ultra fast speeds, nor do they exhibit the experimentation by trying to compose slower songs. Nor do they throw any creative left turns. All that being said, the album is a fun ride while you’re there, with some slightly memorable moments.

I will say that this is a band to watch, and that expectations are high for their next album. The big wish from me of course is that they create faster and slower songs, mix up the structures, and throw the odd creative left turn.


Demiricous At Metal Blade Records


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