Monday, August 14, 2006

It Dies Today - A Prelude To Selling Out?

On their previous album “The Caitiff Choir”, we were presented with a standard yet entertaining Gothenburg with breakdowns meets screamo sound. The first thing I said when I heard the song from the new It Dies Today album was “Ouch, that’s nu-metal!”. Now, don’t get me wrong here, it’s not my place to scorn an entire genre, and I also don’t throw the term “nu-metal” around as a simple way to insult a band (shame on those who do).

The beginning of the new It Does Today song, as well the majority of it contained a lot of lowest-note strumming and quite a bit of string slack. The vocals also threw in quite a bit more singing then usual, and before you know it, it was done. Simplistic and over with really fast. It also seemed to lack some intensity, feeling almost as if It Dies Today were slowing themselves down, and sounding bored while doing it.

Now, for all we know it could be a demo, a pre-production song, an edit, or a single not truly representing the rest of the new It Dies Today album. As always, I advise all readers that it’s not my place to judge.

In a way, I feel sorry for the generation of today. Underground metal, hardcore, and even emo when it was in it’s infancy were not created with the intention of such things as rock stardom, landing on Ozzfest or selling lots of albums. Many people, myself included have watched some of their favourite bands lave their roots behind for the allure of cash. Those who know what the music biz is really like also know that “selling out” is a big gamble that doesn’t always pay off as expected, even when record sales go up for a period of time.

You can here the new It Dies Today song titled “Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur)” from their upcoming album titled “Sirens” here. The release date is set to be October 3rd.

It Dies Today
It Dies Today At Trustkill Records


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