Thursday, September 07, 2006

Metal Blade Signs Aeon

Swedish death metal band Aeon have signed to Metal Blade records. With death metal (and many other forms of metal) rising in popularity at this time, one has to wonder why Metal Blade doesn’t try hard to push some of the bands they already have a bit harder. Not only that, but they could take advantage of the situation and re-release some good albums, such as the three Immolation albums “Here In After”, "Failures For Gos” and “Close To A World Below”.
“Close To A World below” is a personal favourite out of the Immolation albums which I’m having a bit of a hard time obtaining. It seems to have the best production of all the Immolation albums, as Immolation have typically had album production so poor it really detracts from the songs. Strangely, I saw Immolations very first album “Dawn Of Possession” at the local CD shop, and I’ll probably get it.

Aeon adds some minor creative elements to their sound without escaping death metal. Perhaps the new Aeon album with Metal Blade will provide something with a high level of creativity to place them higher amongst their peers.

Metal Blade Records
Unique Leader Records


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