Thursday, February 01, 2007

Checkout Counter: The Handshake Murders

These guys are a fairly new and unknown band that will be having a full-length album titled “Usurper” come out on February 20th through Goodfellow Records. The sound coming from them could be described as Meshuggah influenced metalcore. Meshuggah of course has become a popular and influential band, normally their influence shows up in minor amounts in metalcore, but now we’re starting to see bands focus the majority of their sound on Meshuggah. A Life Once Lost has managed to move away from their almost complete cloning of Meshuggah on their last album "Hunter". We’ll wait and see what The Handshake Murders have in store for us when they release their newest album.

The Handshake Murders

The Handshake Murders At MySpace
Goodfellow Records


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