Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Band Feature: Atrocity

These guys come from the old-school underground. It’s pretty surprising lately to see some pretty underground bands in the world of death, grind, and other assorted genres in the world of extreme music that put out only a few releases in the late 80's/early 90's getting back together.

Recently Resurrection, a death metal band from Florida that put out only one album, “Embalmed Existence” on Nuclear Blast reformed. The guys in Atrocity reformed a bit earlier, and had a chance to rework and re-record some songs from their earlier releases (their first release being in 1989, and last before they broke up in 1992) for their current release “Contaminated” released at the beginning of the year on Open Grave.

The songs on their MySpace page come from old recordings (even an old demo), and feature some old-school death/grind. It really transports you back to when the underground was emerging. I highly recommend Atrocity.

Atrocity At MySpace
Open Grave
Atrocity At Metal-Archives
Review Of “Contaminated” At Metal-Review
Resurrection At MySpace
Resurrection At Metal-Archives



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