Saturday, June 16, 2007

Getting Back Into It

Sorry that I’ve been gone for several days, I’ve just been working things around. I finally figured out how to post videos on, so those are now up properly at metalgazing.

You’ll noticed that I’ve removed the upcoming releases portion of the text at the side. The reason why I did this is because WayTooLoud will be having upcoming releases, and in more detail. I also found that having all that text at the side made the page too long, and it just went on forever.

I also got rid of the record label links because I could never find the time, or remember to put a new link for a record label. I’m not sure how many people were using those. It probably just made the page too long.

I’ve been considering a blog dedicated to just videos, so something like that might come out soon.

What I’ll start focusing more on here is the work I’ll be doing on my other sites, usually by mentioning something I did at another site (like say a review). I’ll also throw in a bit of my opinion on stuff here, mainly because my opinion on other subjects in the world of heavy music doesn’t really have a place on any of the other sites. Hopefully by posting lots of little stories and little opinion articles, I won’t end up typing huge articles.


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