Monday, June 04, 2007

Suffocation Have Finished Their Contract With Relapse

I’ve read interviews where Suffocation has stated that they really liked being on Relapse, so I would be guessing that they’ve finished their contract on good terms. Suffocation has also stated that they’d like to hit the mainstream if they could (and who knows? They did that commercial on the History Channel after all).

I would be guessing that the partnership between Suffocation and Relapse was mutually beneficial to both parties. I would suspect that labels such as Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, and Century Media would have more money to put behind and benefit from a partnership with Suffocation. Ferret, Victory, and even Roadrunner have been looking to spread out with the types of bands they’ve been signing. I know, naming Roadrunner as a label interested in Suffocation might seem strange, as some have claimed that Roadrunner didn’t push Suffocation enough back in the day.

If the guys in Suffocation play their cards right, they might be able to release a new album for the summer of 2008, and then hit Sounds Of The Underground, or perhaps even Ozzfest, just as Nile is slated to appear on Ozzfest.


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