Sunday, August 20, 2006

Isis New Album Info

One of our favourites here at Nile River is getting ready for their new album very soon. I’ve heard reports from Decibel magazine that the new album will be heavier and contain such things as double bass, which would seem to be bucking the typical musical transformation these kinds of bands. The new song posted online seems to amazingly go two directions at once, seemingly lighter than past Isis material, but it does contain said double bass moments. You can find that new song here.

The new album is due out on October 31st through Ipecac Records. You can see the cover art here.
Here’s the tracklist for “In The Absence Of Truth” by Isis-
"Wrists Of Kings"
"Not In Rivers, But In Drops"
"Over Root And Thorn"
"1000 Shards"
"All Out Of Time, All Into Space"
"Holy Tears"
"Firdous E Bareen"
"Garden Of Light"

Isis At Ipecac Records


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