Thursday, February 01, 2007

Checkout Counter: Burning Skies

I saw this bands latest album at the local CD store, and I was curious who they were as I know the large majority of bands that inhabit the metal section there. When I saw a review at they gained an extremely good review there.

The sound I hear from some of the music provided at their MySpace page would have me label Burning Skies squarely in the world of deathcore, but there are some bits and pieces that made them stand out in my mind. First off, the intensity of the drummer from an especially new band as the guy can play fast. The other thing that caught my attention was the use of power chords running up and down the neck reminding me of something akin to hardcore or old school grind. Mixed in with all the death metal and the breakdowns makes these guys truly metal and hardcore. Very intriguing so far, so I do suggest checking them out.

Burning Skies
Burning Skies At MySpace
Burning Skies At Lifeforce Records


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