Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Band Feature: Sofy Major

Coming from the current creative hotbed of France comes a band playing stuff in the field of, yet again, Neurosis! Yes, I am a sucker for this stuff! I caught wind of this band from a review of their self-titled EP, which was released through Argghh!! Records, was reviewed at Aversion Online. From the appearance of things, the band is almost attempting to make it extremely difficult for people to obtain their material (although more than likely it’s due to record labels not having enough money to push the band harder).

If you go to the review link to the review at Aversion Online, you can get an mp3 of one of Sofy Majors songs.

Sofy Major
Argghh!! Records At MySpace
Review of Sofy Majors S/T EP At Aversion Online (ignore the comments and scroll up to read the review and get an mp3)



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