Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keeping My Other Blogs Running

For those of you who check back at Extreme Music Videos and Metalgazing, you've probably noticed that I missed a day of videos for EMV, and that Metalgazing hasn't been updated too often. I only need to get my schedule straightened around. I'm usually very good at time management, and with Way Too Loud, I've just been trying to figure the best time to do everything that needs to be done.

There's actually a lot more that gets done behind the scenes for Way Too Loud, especially a lot of e-mails. It can certainly be a painful experience learning things the hard way the first time. Right now, I'm trying to add some colour to my writing, as my typical reviews have been very dry, and for interview, I always try to ask bands things they'd like to be asked. I mean, how many times do bands get asked about the reaction to their new album, or how a certain tour is going?

Anyways, I'm putting lots of effort forth on Way Too Loud, as my goal is to do some things with it that many websites don't. If someone asks, I'll tell them why, but take a look for yourself for now!


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