Saturday, June 16, 2007

Robb Flynn And Kerry King Are Done With Their Feud

There was a point in time where had been out of the world of heavy music. I think I started falling out of it around ‘97 or ‘98. Because I hadn’t been paying attention to heavy music, and I was unaware of this beef that Kerry King had with Robb Flynn. I had gotten back into heavy music just enough to hear the tail end of things. Then a few months later, Robb Flynn just up and decided he was done with saying nasty stuff to Kerry King because Robb had grown up with “Reign In Blood”. I can’t really imagine how bad it must be, getting back at each other in things like interviews, especially with a band member from Slayer, one of the biggest and most respected names in metal.

I’ve found that in general, heavy music has grown up. As more and more musicians and fans in the field become older, they put more effort towards wise decisions. It’s kind of the same way message boards have almost eliminated the word “gay” from posts...


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