Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unsigned Checkout Counter - Adversary

Since some of our previous Checkout Counter articles have landed on unsigned bands, we decided to divide the two in to separate types of articles.

The first thing I’d like to say is that we already rate signed bands pretty harshly in the reviews section, and we’re even harder on unsigned bands. Why are we so hard on unsigned bands? I used to search for unsigned bands and came a lot of intolerable demos where people couldn’t do things as simple as tune their guitars or play the over simplistic material they were doing in time. Right above that, there are a lot of extremely derivative and generic bands looking for rock stardom, while the bands they worship and copy barely reach anything that could be considered rock stardom. The final thing I’d like to say about unsigned bands is if they’re good enough there is almost always a record label somewhere looking to sign them. Probably not a big record label, but a label nonetheless.

So, here we have Adversary, a band whose name has been used by countless other bands, so perhaps a name change is in order. The sound coming off of Adversary is In Flames meets Pantera, with lots of high raspy vocals and a few low growls and clean singing thrown in. As a local or unsigned band, these guys are top notch, and yes, I will dare to say they could be signed.

Adversary At MySpace


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