Monday, April 23, 2007

Obituary Sign With Candlelight

I had been hearing rumours for awhile that Obituary was looking more at signing with Earache, but it seems that Candlelight has given them the best deal. September 11 has been the release date set for the forthcoming Obituary album.

It seems Candlelight has set Obituary up with a new website. It doesn't look quite like most modern band websites, but it's probably only a temporary situation until Obituary gets a complete new website.

Something else I’d really like to add. Satyricon was able to tour with Celtic Frost for several reasons, one reason being that Satyricon wears their Celtic Frost influence on their sleeves. Obituary wears their Celtic Frost influence on their sleeves as well, and they’re a classic death metal band from the old school. I would definitely like to see Obituary and Celtic Frost tour together.

Obituary At MySpace



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