Friday, June 29, 2007

Technology Failing Me In Interviews

I think I'm going to need to buy some very expensive digital recorders... On Wednesday at the show with The Red Chord, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Despised Icon, All Shall Perish and See You Next Tuesday, I did the best, funniest interview of my life with Gunface and Greg Weeks, then, I found out later that only 20 seconds were recorded due to the recorder being filled up. It really sucks, because I was talking with both Gunface and Greg about how it was such a good interview, and they were telling me stories of their bad interviews. I want to slam my hand in a door or something...

I've also had lots of bad luck getting anything recorded with Nate Johnson. I had heard that he was a really cool guy, which was why he had gotten into so many bands, and done guest vocals for so many artists, but I had no idea how cool the guy really was in person, or how he can remember every detail of every band and every tour he's been on.

At this blog, I made a post about Nate Johnson, all the bands he's played with, and talked about sending him an e-mail. Nate actually remembered the details e-mail I sent him (which was maybe 3 months ago?), but there must've been some problems with replying, because I never got it. I tried interviewing him at the show, but I only got a few questions in before the two digital recorders I had failed on me. Hopefully I'll be able to finish that interview via e-mail.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keeping My Other Blogs Running

For those of you who check back at Extreme Music Videos and Metalgazing, you've probably noticed that I missed a day of videos for EMV, and that Metalgazing hasn't been updated too often. I only need to get my schedule straightened around. I'm usually very good at time management, and with Way Too Loud, I've just been trying to figure the best time to do everything that needs to be done.

There's actually a lot more that gets done behind the scenes for Way Too Loud, especially a lot of e-mails. It can certainly be a painful experience learning things the hard way the first time. Right now, I'm trying to add some colour to my writing, as my typical reviews have been very dry, and for interview, I always try to ask bands things they'd like to be asked. I mean, how many times do bands get asked about the reaction to their new album, or how a certain tour is going?

Anyways, I'm putting lots of effort forth on Way Too Loud, as my goal is to do some things with it that many websites don't. If someone asks, I'll tell them why, but take a look for yourself for now!

On Assignment

I'll be heading to The Reverb in Toronto to get interviews from some of the bands on the tour with The Red Chord, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Despised Icon, All Shall Perish, and See You Next Tuesday. Originally I was scheduled to work that day, but since all my Wednesdays got dropped from one of the jobs I work at, I figured I wouldn't waste a day.

Blabbermouth Posts Way Too Loud Interview

Way Too Loud has official been out since Thursday, and already I've had an interview posted at Blabbermouth! Seeing the interview reprinted, I can unfortunately see the editing I missed... I have to admit, it can be very hard to edit my own work.

You can see the Blabbermouth post made on Sunday here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Behemoth - Too Dengerous For Poland?

I posted this report on my website this morning:
reports: This week, a Polish anti-sect organization dubbed “The All-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects” released a list of artists it claims “promote Satanism” or “encourage murder and animal sacrifice” with their music. The group plans to distribute the list to a number of Polish politicians next month, in hopes that the officials will ban said artists from performing in the Central European nation.

The list includes, among others, Marylin Manson and Slayer — who, oddly enough, are touring the U.S. together this summer. Another act making the list is one of Poland’s own, blackened death metallers Behemoth — who’ll also be touring the U.S. this summer, as part of this year’s 11th annual Ozzfest.

AdamNergalDarski, Behemoth’s frontman, said he questions the motives of the APCFDAS and thinks the attempt to ban his band from performing in his native land is, well, ridiculous.

“You have these politicians who, for some reason — probably just for self-promotion — want to fight this kind of stuff,” he explained. “This is music. This is art. This is some kind of expression, and this is our expression. For some reason, they think it has a negative influence on kids, so they want to stop it. So they made this list that’s going to come out next month, and Behemoth is #1. … I’m not sure if they’ll [be able to enforce it], because it’s a violation of the most basic democratic rules. It’s very extreme and very dangerous.”

“Extreme” and “dangerous” — two words Nergal often uses to describe Behemoth, but obviously with different connotations. Regardless, the threat of a potential Polish ban hasn’t put the fear of God in Behemoth. In fact, the band has booked a handful of Poland dates, which it intends on playing immediately following Ozzfest’s August 30 finish in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s all part of Behemoth’s campaign to spread the word about The Apostasy, their seventh full-length album and follow-up to 2004’s Demigod that lands in stores July 17 — less than a week after Ozzfest’s Seattle launch.

“If you have a record like this in your hands, and you have so many tour opportunities and so many people [supporting you], all you have to do is get your ass on a plane or in a van — if there’s a need — and just tour every f—ing corner of the world, and make sure that every kid has a copy of this f—ing record,” Nergal said with authority. “No compromise — no rest for conquerors.”

The title to the new album refers to apostasy, the state of having forsaken your professed belief set, often in favor of opposing beliefs or causes. Different from the band’s previous works, The Apostasy features choirs, piano interludes and a horn section. Overall, Nergal said the album is a bold statement on the current state of international Catholicism — the dominant faith among Poland’s populace. But only those willing to comprehend the message will get it.

“There’s a beautiful and very epic meaning behind this title, and it’s a great statement, because of its rebelliousness,” he explained. “Behemoth has always been about rejection, rebelling against various things. It’s not about rebelling against religion. The religious aspect is so important, especially in [this day and age] when the majority of wars are caused by religious conflicts. We actually speak about things that are present [on this album], that are important in the modern world. Smart people will be able to recognize this.

“This album is ritualistic,” he continued. “I would say that there is a barbaric touch to this record, and that’s what I love about music. This is a disturbing, dangerous record, and we are here to make people think. This is not just entertainment. People need to have this awareness that Behemoth isn’t just entertainment. We are a disturbing, dangerous band, and we do all of this to make people think for themselves. Kids these days, they have no one to really look up to. I think Behemoth’s message, some people at first might think it’s very negative. I think it’s actually very positive.”

Musically, The Apostasy is just as epic and extreme as anything Behemoth have done before, but there’s an intensity to the LP that’s been missing from the band’s previous efforts, Nergal said. The goal with this record wasn’t to just push the brutality envelope.

“I wanted to make sure that, when you play this music to a jazz musician or a classical musician, I want those people to listen and say, ‘This is controlled chaos,’ but then on the other hand, they’ll be like, ‘Hey, these guys really know how to play,’ ” Nergal enthused. “We are an extreme band. But extreme metal doesn’t mean you don’t have to have musical value. It’s a very musical record, and we’ve improved as musicians a lot. I just wanted to make sure extreme-metal music [could] also be very high-quality music.”

According to Nergal, Behemoth jumped at the chance to play this summer’s Ozzfest, despite the fact that they wouldn’t be paid to perform. They will have to rely exclusively on merch sales to get them through.

“It still feels unreal to me,” he said. “These people have to really have big balls to bring bands like Nile and Behemoth on the bill — to bring dangerous music to the masses. We are not the most mass-appeal, happy band around. We’re not a radio-friendly band either. I can’t wait to go onstage and just blast insane music for these people and see what their reaction is. I would say that we are going to do our best, [so that] people remember the shows. We’re ready to conquer the world.”

If you miss Behemoth this summer, don’t fret — Nergal said the band will be returning to the States this fall for a co-headlining run with Job For A Cowboy and Gojira. He also said fans can look forward to an EP — featuring live tracks and some outtakes from The Apostasy sessions — later this year and should expect a Behemoth DVD early next year.

Now, of course I'm expecting people from the internet community to say that Marylin Manson should be banned, but not the other bands, for whatever reason they may like. I hope those people keep in mind that if an artist they don't like gets banned, it pretty much means that Polish committee will band any artist they like.

I disagree with this action wholeheartedly. It's an action that's pushing one obvious religious agenda, a Christian agenda. It has nothing to do with helping anyone. There may already be rules, regulations, and laws in place to make the action of banning bands for religious purposes illegal in Poland.

Could this one make CNN?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Way Too Loud! Is Officially Online!

The new site is in full force! Just go to Way Too Loud! and see what I've got going on!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Band Feature: Feast Eternal

I caught this band om Blabbermouth about their next full-length album being due in September. Yeah, I know that’s awhile away...

I’d say that the songs Feast Eternal’s MySpace page sound like a standard American death metal band discovering melody. Not exactly the Swedish kind, although I was reminded of some of the old-school European death metal bands who were going through that mid-point of moving from all brutal all the time, to all melodic riffs all the time. At times I was reminded Amon Amarth as well.

Even though the songs were unmastered, I will say that Feast Eternal could benefit from better recording, tuning, pronouncing the vocals a bit better, and tightening things up. From what I’ve heard sounds great, but it’s as if the band are better songwriters than players or producers.

Note: The promo pic shows three members, but currently there are only two in the band, the member in the middle, and the one on the right.

Feast Eternal
Feast Eternal At MySpace
Open Grave Records


Monday, June 18, 2007

More Links

You’ll notice that I’ve added links at the top for my other two blogs (since I didn’t provide a proper link to Metalgazing the first time). The Metal Injection Blog gets top billing as well, since I also post for them.

Extreme-Music Videos usually gets about seven videos a day. That should bring it close to thirty minutes each day of videos.

My new website should also be up soon, VERY soon (final details are being worked out).

I apologize to those wanting posts every day. I don’t always get a chance to find a miscellaneous heavy music item to talk about since I’ve changed the format here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Video Sister Site

Something I've wanted to do for awhile now was have videos on here. Unfortunately, I for the longest time I didn't know how to (hey, I don't know about the back end of this website stuff). I've actually created sort of a sister site to this one dedicated just to videos called Extreme Music Videos. I know it's not the most creative name, but it is just a blog, and not a professional site. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep enough posts going with all these sites I'm working with...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Poland Banning Bands

Blabbermouth recently posted an article telling about a situation where a committee in Poland will ban bands from performing, based on Satanism, promotion of murder, and sacrificing animals. Of the artists mentioned a possibly being banned were Behemoth, Kat and Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson has claimed to be a Satanist, but I don’t think he mentions any of that in his music.

I think many of us are familiar with what the PMRC did in the 80's, and what they got away with. The PMRC got those “Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics” placed onto albums, and to this day, there are still record stores that don’t carry albums with that label. Not only that, but the PMRC was looking to outright ban certain albums and artists.

I think we all know how this can be abused. While the rules state “Promoting Satanism, or promoting murder and animal sacrifice”, just about any artist this group doesn’t like could be banned. What is promoting murder by the way? Will a pop diva singing about the woes of a friend who was murdered be deemed as “promoting murder”?

The religious aspect is the worst reason to ban something. If this was not about promoting Christian values, then Satanism wouldn’t come up at all. Any Christian group can come out and claim that Satanism is about doing whatever, be it promoting murder, or animal sacrifice, or any stereotype they can think of without backing it up with actual proof. So whats the problem with Satanism? How about the fact that it’s not Christian. Be prepared to have anything not promoting Christian values banned. If an artist declares themselves to be an atheist, or Jewish, or says they have nothing against homosexuals, just watch this group ban that artist from playing

Satanism would not exist without Catholicism, plain and simple. Satanism has risen and become more popular because Christians are too powerful, and too many of them abuse their power to push their religious beliefs on others.

Say goodbye to freedom.

Robb Flynn And Kerry King Are Done With Their Feud

There was a point in time where had been out of the world of heavy music. I think I started falling out of it around ‘97 or ‘98. Because I hadn’t been paying attention to heavy music, and I was unaware of this beef that Kerry King had with Robb Flynn. I had gotten back into heavy music just enough to hear the tail end of things. Then a few months later, Robb Flynn just up and decided he was done with saying nasty stuff to Kerry King because Robb had grown up with “Reign In Blood”. I can’t really imagine how bad it must be, getting back at each other in things like interviews, especially with a band member from Slayer, one of the biggest and most respected names in metal.

I’ve found that in general, heavy music has grown up. As more and more musicians and fans in the field become older, they put more effort towards wise decisions. It’s kind of the same way message boards have almost eliminated the word “gay” from posts...

Getting Back Into It

Sorry that I’ve been gone for several days, I’ve just been working things around. I finally figured out how to post videos on, so those are now up properly at metalgazing.

You’ll noticed that I’ve removed the upcoming releases portion of the text at the side. The reason why I did this is because WayTooLoud will be having upcoming releases, and in more detail. I also found that having all that text at the side made the page too long, and it just went on forever.

I also got rid of the record label links because I could never find the time, or remember to put a new link for a record label. I’m not sure how many people were using those. It probably just made the page too long.

I’ve been considering a blog dedicated to just videos, so something like that might come out soon.

What I’ll start focusing more on here is the work I’ll be doing on my other sites, usually by mentioning something I did at another site (like say a review). I’ll also throw in a bit of my opinion on stuff here, mainly because my opinion on other subjects in the world of heavy music doesn’t really have a place on any of the other sites. Hopefully by posting lots of little stories and little opinion articles, I won’t end up typing huge articles.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Band Feature: Lightning Swords of Death

That band name just screams “80's Saturday morning cartoon!” Lightning Swords of Death hail from L.A. and play black metal in fairly simplistic, raw style. The simple chords I heard on the song at their MySpace page actually come out to some catchy sort of melodies/riffs. The production isn’t quite as good as some other bands I’ve heard (why don’t Kurt Ballou and Scott Hull work with more of these bands?)

Lightning Swords of Death released their debut album “The Golden Plague” in April through

Lightning Swords of Death at MySpace
Lightning Swords of Death at Metal-Archives


You can hear the songs “The Fate Of Men” and “No Benefit” at Coliseum’s MySpace page. The songs come from the forthcoming album “No Salvation” due out August 21st via Relapse.

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Working With Other Sites

For those of you who didn’t know, I will now also be posting news and reviews for the Metal Injection blog. Thanks goes out to Rob for leaving a message at this blog, because he couldn’t get my e-mail address! This shouldn’t cause any problems at all, in fact, having a partnership with Metal Injection should help things very much for my upcoming website.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eyehategod have made their long out of print seven-inch single “99 Miles Of Bad Road” available for free download, but only for a limited period of time at their MySpace page.


Goings On

The new website is almost out! The due date should be Friday, and the location is WayTooLoud. Don't click it yet! It's not working! Can you guys wait for it? I know I can’t! I’m in so much anticipation that I’ve been drinking lots of Dr. Pepper, and I can’t sleep!

I’ve also started yet another blog, dedicated to one of my favourite genres, that being metalgaze. WayTooLoud will help coordinate and obtain some news items for Metalgazing. Having three sites to deal with should wreck my already dismal social life!

And what’s going to happen here at Extreme-Music? Hopefully I’ll be able to make it a bit more of a personal site, and try to voice some more of my opinions in articles that will surely offend those tr00 metallers and poseurs alike!

Review: Pig Destroyer - “Phantom Limb”

When I first popped this in my CD player, I wasn’t paying %100 attention to what was going on. I could swear there was ten minutes of ultra-fast chaos, and I thought “Damn, for a grind band, they sure can make a fast epic grind song actually work!”. Then I looked at the counter, and it was on track seven. So holy crap, they can jam a whole bunch of fast short songs together and make them seem like one big epic thing.

After a few more listens, I felt like I was listening to the audio equivalent of a trilogy, kind of like Stars Wars, you know, the three first ones? No, the real first three movies, the ones that didn’t suck, and didn’t try to substitute special efforts for things like an actual story, or PLOT.

So the first part of “Phantom Limb” has all those fast cool songs crammed all together, like taking all the cool stuff you have in your bedroom, and putting it in a closet temporarily to hide it because your grandmother will be sleeping in YOUR room. It’s also where the story first gets established, like when Luke sees the Death Star and says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this...”

The middle is where the worst problems in the story are. The music slows down a bit with some samples ripped off from good movies to let you know when a song ends. Near the end of that, you’re faced with a strange revelation, kind of like what Luke says after Darth Vader reveals the awful truth - “You can never be my father!”

The end is where it all ties itself up, and speeds up a bit more towards a climactic ending. Your thrown a few unexpected things, like that guitar flanging thing that sounds like a jet taking off, and it’s like your being set up for an ambush. “Luke, it’s a trap!’

The music itself has drums that sound like the drummer got into a fist fight with some of the band members, and was forced to play as fast as possible or else he’d be beaten with a lead pipe. Except of course for those couple of times when the band just decided to change their mind, and beat with a pipe anyways, and say “I thought I told you to slow it down!” just to find a reason to smack him again.

The vocals sound like they were recorded into a cheap microphone that distorts when people talk too loud into it. The vocalist sounds like he spent the previous night at a bar trying to yell every conversation until his lost his voice, and then severed a vocal chord.

The riffs on the album sound like guitarist was locked in a closet without food for three days, and told he’d better come up with something good, or his family would be killed. In order to come up with some riffs fast, it seems like the guitarist tried to think of all the best riffs he’d ever thought of his entire life, no matter what genre they were. Could be hardcore styled chords, could be 80's thrash, or it could be some dirty old rock ‘n roll. For the recording, he probably tuned up his guitar as fast as he could in fifteen seconds, and beat the crap out of his guitar until all the songs were recorded in one take in the same day, and then he was thrown back in the closest.

The distortion from the guitars sounds like somebody stole an amp from a rock-star wannabes garage, then the thieves walked into a studio and forced the staff to make it sound as good as they could. At gunpoint.

The recording sounds like a studio hostage situation that was recorded in one day, where the recording staff was told they had to do the best recording possible, or else a terrorist organization would kill them when they least expected it. By planting a bomb in every staff members car at some random point in time when they least expected it.

So of course all that together makes for the most kick-ass album I’ve heard all year.


Pig Destroyer
Pig Destroyer At MySpace
Pig Destroyer At Metal-Archives
Pig Destroyer At Relapse


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Band Feature: Zatokrev

Cruising by AversionOnline, I came across a band in the world of metalgaze. Being a complete sucker for the stuff, and the fact that the bands that have come my way playing it usually execute their craft pretty well, it should come as no surprise that I’m going to give Zatokrev a recommendation.

There was a point in time when there seemed to be a few more of these bands getting signed and putting out releases, but it looks as though things have slowed. It’s kind of a double edged sword to have this genre gain a small portion of popularity, as the more bands there are playing something strange makes it less strange. With things slowing down for metalgaze, that might actually extend the lifespan of the genre, and make the few new bands that come out become much more worthwhile.

The sophomore album by Zatokrev, titled “Bury The Ashes” was released, or looks like it’s about to be released by Firebox.

As a side note, I'm seriously considering starting a news/blog/archive dedicated to the genre, it's bands, and related bands.

Zatokrev at Firedoom/Firebox
Review of S/T at MetalReview
Review of “Bury The Ashes” at AversiOnline (you can also download a free mp3 from Zatokrev here)


Monday, June 11, 2007

Debauchery have posted their video for the song “Lords Of Battle” at this MySpace page. The song comes from their recently released album titled “Back In Blood”, which was released in March via AFM.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Band Feature: Slagmaur

I’m probably going to get some internet hatred thrown my way for my musical description of Slagmaur, but I’ll say they play some strange black metal with echoed vocals in the background. The drum machine supporting the whole thing gives it a whole... black metal meets rap feel. Yeah, I can feel the hatred now... but it still sounds interesting.

I’ve read that the band members don’t like doing interviews, get into fights with each other, and try very hard to disguise their faces in promo shots. Their latest album titled “Svin” was released not too long ago, with May being suggested as the release date though Black Hate. It comes as a limited edition digipak limited to 1000 copies, with the first copies coming with a special “church burning” matchbox as a tribute to some other Norwegian black metal bands.

This is one instance where I question how serious the band takes their craft. If Slagmaur of course takes their music seriously, then of course the whole persona is hilarious. At the same time, it almost seems as if they’re attempting to capitalise on some black metal and rock ‘n roll stereotypes, such as the very extreme underground, isolationist attitude, and saying that the band members fight with each other.

Other notes of course are that Slagmaur has Leviathan at the top of their friends list, and of course there’s those promo pics where a band member (I’m guessing General Gribbsphiiser) is wearing a fedora...

Slagmaur At MySpace
Slagmaur At Metal-Archives
Black Hate


World Under Blood, the band featuring CKY guitarist/vocalist Derek Miller, and drummer Tim Yeung have added Decrepit Birth bass player Risha Eryavec to their ranks. The band is still seeking a lead guitarist and reside in the L.A. area. Listen to the recently added song "A God Among The Waste" at their MySpace page.
Recession has signed with Blood & Ink. Their debut full-length titled "Time, Arithmetic & Other Elementary Subjects Not Well Learned" is due out in August. Listen to some unmastered tracks at their MySpace page.

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Nile has posted an e-card for “Ithyphallic” here. The album will be released July 17th via Nuclear Blast.

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Full Blown Chaos has signed with Ferret Music, to release the new album titled “Heavy Lies The Crown” in August.


Baroness have completed their new album. It will be titled “Red Album”, and is due to be released in September through Relapse. Here’s the tracklist:
"The Birthing"
"Teeth Of A Cogwheel"


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nile has made the song “Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water” available streaming at The song comes from their forthcoming album “Ithyphallic”, due out July 17 through Nuclear Blast.

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Entombed have posted a new song at the Candlelight Records MySpace page. The song comes from their forthcoming album titled “Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments” due out July 31 via Candlelight. Here’s the cover art.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Arise And Ruin have signed with Victory. You can hear the song “End Of The Road” due for their upcoming release at their MySpace page.

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Silent Civilian have posted the video for the song “The Song Remains Un-Named” at this MySpace page. The song comes from the album “Rebirth Of The Temple”, released in 2006.


Darkest Hour have posted a new song titled “Demon(s)” at their MySpace page. The song comes from their forthcoming album “Deliver Us” due out July 10th via Victory.

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Throwdown have posted a new song titled “Holy Roller” at their MySpace page. The song comes from their forthcoming album titled “Venom And Tears” due out August 7th through Trustkill.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Experiments In Posting

With the new website coming out very soon, I've been looking into changing the format at this blog. Since Lambgoat has a bits section, I've been thinking about narrowing down the news into single sentence statements. By the way, in case your wondering why, the reason why I post links to videos instead of having them on my page (like other bloggers do) is because I don't know how to post that info (can anyone tell me how to do that?).

I'll also be looking at playing with different formats for posts here to figure out what style would suit the blog best. For those readers who are used to a certain style of posting, please bear with me. I will find a style that suits this blog, and finds a purpose.
You can view the video for the song “Forever Consumed In Oblivion” by Goatwhore here.


Dekapitator Post Two New Tracks

You can hear two new tracks titled “Toxic Sanctuary” and “Run With The Pack” at the MySpace page for Dekapitator here. The songs come from the forthcoming album “The Storm Before The Calm” due out July 24 through Relapse.

I must say, the songs on the MySpace page for Dekapitator can really transport one back to the 80's. You can expect to hear some retro sounding thrash, that at worst sound like the best of the generic 80's thrash bands, and at their best take influence from early Metallica and Slayer.

Dekapitator At MySpace
Dekapitator At Metal-Archives
Dekapitator At Relapse

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Suffocation Have Finished Their Contract With Relapse

I’ve read interviews where Suffocation has stated that they really liked being on Relapse, so I would be guessing that they’ve finished their contract on good terms. Suffocation has also stated that they’d like to hit the mainstream if they could (and who knows? They did that commercial on the History Channel after all).

I would be guessing that the partnership between Suffocation and Relapse was mutually beneficial to both parties. I would suspect that labels such as Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, and Century Media would have more money to put behind and benefit from a partnership with Suffocation. Ferret, Victory, and even Roadrunner have been looking to spread out with the types of bands they’ve been signing. I know, naming Roadrunner as a label interested in Suffocation might seem strange, as some have claimed that Roadrunner didn’t push Suffocation enough back in the day.

If the guys in Suffocation play their cards right, they might be able to release a new album for the summer of 2008, and then hit Sounds Of The Underground, or perhaps even Ozzfest, just as Nile is slated to appear on Ozzfest.


Suffocation At MySpace
Suffocation At Metal-Archives
Suffocation At Wikipedia
Suffocation At Relapse

The Red Chord Post New Song

You can download the song “Send The Death Storm” for free at Download Punk here. The song comes from the forthcoming album “Prey For Eyes” due July 31 through Metal Blade.

The Red Chord
The Red Chord At MySpace
The Red Chord At Metal-Archives
The Red Chord At Metal Blade

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ion Dissonance Post New Song

Another song from the upcoming Ion Dissonance album, titled “Of Me, Nobody Is Safe”, has been posted at their MySpace page here. The song comes from their forthcoming album “Minus The Herd” due out June 5 through Abacus.

I’ve also posted the page at the Metal-Archives for Despised Icon, as Ion Dissonance and Despised Icon have close connections, and there is some Ion Dissonance info at that page. Unfortunately, it seems that some people at the Metal-Archives don’t feel that Ion Dissonance is metal, or perhaps metal enough to be on their site. It’s too bad, as I’ve spoken to many “real” metal fans who like Ion Dissonance.

Ion Dissonance
Ion Dissonance At MySpace
Ion Dissonance At PureVolume
Ion Dissonance At Abacus
Despised Icon At Metal-Archives

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Through The Eyes Of The Dead Post New Track

You can hear the song “Failure In The Flesh” and the MySpace page for Through The Eyes Of The Dead here. The song comes their forthcoming album “Malice” due August 21 through Prosthetic. I must say, I think Nate Johnsons voice comes out very well with Erik Rutans production.

Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Through The Eyes Of The Dead At MySpace
Through The Eyes Of The Dead At PureVolume
Through The Eyes Of The Dead At HXCmp3
Through The Eyes Of The Dead At Metal-Archives
Through The Eyes Of The Dead At Prosthetic

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