Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Between The Buried And Me Begin Writing

Not being much for words, Between The Buried And Me have stated that they’re writing for a new album. They’re planning to record with Jamie King in North Carolina in May, and are expecting a new album out near the end of the year (probably through Victory).

Between The Buried And Me
Between The Buried And Me At MySpace
Between The Buried And Me At Victory


Caliban Finalize Track List

The track list for the upcoming Caliban album titled “The Awakening” is as follows:

01. I Will Never Let You Down
02. Let Go
03. Another Cold Day
04. My Time Has Come
05. Life Is Too Short
06. Give Me A Reason
07. Stop Running
08. The Awakening
09. I Believe...
10. Rise And Fight
11. Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide
12. I'll Show No Fear

“The Awakening” is due to be released May 25 through Abacus. You can view the artwork here.

Caliban At MySpace
Caliban At PureVolume
Caliban At Abacus


Abigor Reunite And Finalize New Album

Coming from Austria, Abigor have reformed and prepared a new album. The album will be titled “Fractal Possession” and is due to be released in spring through End All Life.

Here is the track list for “Fractal Possession”:

01. Warning
02. Project: Shadow
03. Cold Void Choir
04. Lairf Of Infinite Deparation
05. 3D Blasphemy
06. The Fire Syndrom
07. Injection Satan
08. Libery Rises A Diagonal Flame
09. Vapourzied Tears
10. Heaven Unveiled

Abigor certainly fits in with black metal, but the samples provided on their MySpace page suggest that the new album will have good production, and they seem to have a little bit of experimentation with industrial style samples and thrash as well.

Abigor At MySpace


Band Feature: Lupara

Lupara has been described as groove metal, which usually means a heavy Pantera influence. Lupara certainly fits that bill, though they don’t have any of the southern influences Pantera does. Lupara is also heavier than most of those bands playing this style of metal in the 90's, which makes them a bit more modern sounding. Every now and then, they’ll add in a Slayer-esque solo as well. The band features ex-Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner.

Lupara will be opening for Emperor in Chicago.

Lupara At MySpace
Crash Music


Life Long Tragedy Prepare To Enter Studio

Life Long Tragedy has finished up writing songs for a full-length. They will enter Grizzly Studios in Petaluma, CA in April to record the album. Deathwish Inc. Will release the new album.

The songs I heard from Life Long Tragedy were certainly hardcore, but with some slight nuances that make them a little different compared to other hardcore bands.

Life Long Tragedy
Life Long Tragedy At MySpace
Deathwish Inc.

(Thanks: Lambgoat)


Read Yellow Breaks Up

I haven’t posted anything about a band breaking up in awhile, but when I read that Read Yellow is breaking up, I felt I should share a story about them.

I saw Dillinger Escape Plan on tour in 2004 with The End, Read Yellow, and Trivium was the opener (this was just after Trivium had released “Ascendency”, and was before they got big). The only band on the bill I wasn’t familiar with was Read Yellow.

When Read Yellow started playing, the vocalist/guitarist began screaming and getting right into the audience. During the show, the other guitarist gave his guitar to the audience, and the audience began playing it and making noise on it. They also gave a microphone to the audience, along with a drumstick and a cymbal, to which the audience began making noise with that as well. Near the end of the show, the vocalist/guitarist began throwing his guitar around, and attempting to play it behind his head. Eventually he began jumping around the stage so much that he jumped into the drum kit. The drum kit fell apart, but the drummer attempted to play what was left standing.

I had never been to a live show with that much audience interaction, or that many crazy things happening on stage. I left that show saying “I don’t know if those guy in Read Yellow know how to play, but that was the best live show I’ve seen in my life!”. I’ve been to some great live shows (Suffocation is always fun to see), but nothing quite ever topped that.

It’s a little sad that the only thing I’ve heard about them since is that they’re breaking up. You can read about it at their MySpace page here.

Read Yellow
Read Yellow At MySpace
Fenway Recordings

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Wonderful World Of mp3 Blogs

This is something I wasn’t familiar with before, but is a very cool idea. I had heard the name “Aversiononline” a few times, but hadn’t looked up the website until they were mentioned on the MySpace page for Versoma. These mp3 blogs like to provide direct links to mp3s that are provided freely and legally on the internet.

Aversionline provides links to other mp3 blogs, blogs that provide some reading material on music, and some online locations to purchase music.

Take a look at Aversionlonline here.

Band Feature: Versoma

Versoma fit into that world that Neurosis started, and that Isis and Cult Of Luna have helped to perfect. Versoma hangs their vocals on the clean side though, and the songs seem a slight bit shorter and easier to digest. They released their latest EP “Life During Wartime” not too long ago.

Versoma At MySpace
Robotic Empire


Band Feature: Echoes Of Eternity

Echoes Of Eternity consider themselves a progressive goth band (heavy on the goth), and come from an unexpected location - Los Angles. They released their latest album titled “The Forgotten Goddess” through Nuclear Blast last week.

Echoes Of Eternity
Echoes Of Eternity At MySpace
Echoes Of Eternity At Nuclear Blast


Band Feature: xDEATHSTARx

Having lots of x’s in ones band name (or sometimes just before and after your band name) is usually a dead giveaway of a straight edge hardcore, or metallic hardcore band, but guess what? Yeah, this band is no different. xDEATHSTARx play metallic hardcore, but there are some slight differences. Like several vocalists (3 or 4, the info is a bit sketchy), and sing along style choruses that come off a bit power-metallish (a good thing in this case). xDEATHSTARx released their latest album titled “We Are The Threat” last week on Facedown.

xDEATHSTARx At Purevolume


Band Feature: Flesh

It seems like anyone who’s promoting Flesh wants everyone to know that Flesh doesn’t just play death metal, they play old-school death metal. Coming from Sweden and being basically a one-man project of Pete Flesh, Flesh actually have a much more American sound to them (American death metal seems to be catching on a little bit in Sweden these days).

Flesh released their latest album “Temple Of Whores” late last year through Iron Fist. I should note that the Iron Fist Records that put out Flesh isn’t the same as a similarly named rap label.

Flesh At MySpace


Darkest Hour Begin Pre-Production

Darkest Hour entered the studio on February 19 to begin pre-production for their upcoming album. Devin Townsend will do production for the new album, which has a release date of July 9 through Victory. The band has stated that they have 9 songs due to appear on the new album.

Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour At MySpace
Darkest Hour At Purevolume
Darkest Hour At Victory


Limbonic Art Reform And Record New Album

Limbonic Art is a symphonic black metal band from Norway. They recently reformed, wrote and recorded a new album, and re-signed with Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records. The new album will be titled “Legacy Of Evil” and is set to release in summer 2007.

Limbonic Art At MySpace
Limbonic Art At Nocturnal Art


Detonation Set Release Date For New Album

Detonation is a melodic death metal band from Holland. Their upcoming album is titled “Emission Phase” due out April 20 through Osmose Productions.

Here is the track list for “Emission Phase”:

01. Invoking the Impact
02. When Stone turns to Ash
03. Craven Ablaze
04. Into the Emission Phase
05. Chokedamp
06. Defects of the Isolated Mind
07. Modulate
08. Infected
09. Soul Severance
10. Reborn inside the Radiance
11. Fallout (instrumental)

Detonation At MySpace
Detonation At Osmose


Fleurety To Re-Record Songs For A 7"

span style="font-weight: bold;">Fleurety have re-recorded 2 songs for an upcoming 7". The songs are “Descent Into Darkness” from their demo “Black Snow” released in 1993, and “Absence” from the compilation album called “Blackend” released in 1995. Runhild Gammelsæter who has participated with Khlyst, Thor’s Hammer and Sunn O))) will record vocal tracks for the song “Absence”. Duplicate Records will release the 7".

Fleurety comes from the old-school of black metal in Norway, and has morphed into a strange avante-garde band with a little bit of black metal left over.

Fleurety At MySpace
Duplicate Records

(Thanks: Apeshit)


Susperia Post Album Art And Samples Online

Susperia is the band formed by former Dimmu Borgir drummer Tjodalv after his departure of the aforementioned band. Susperia has a new album coming up soon through Candlelight in North America and Tabu in Europe called “Cut In Stone”. The artwork for the new album seems to follow some of the same theme from their previous albums. You can view the art here. You can also here samples of “More” here and “The Clone” here.

I consider Susperia a mixture of black metal and thrash, although they stretch things creatively without leaving the realm of metal. The material I’ve heard from Susperia has been above average, as well as many of the reviews I’ve read for their albums making Susperia a highly recommended band with albums that are difficult to obtain in North America.

Susperia At Tabu Records


Man Must Die Sign To Relapse

Relapse Records has sign Scottish grind band Man Must Die. The label will release the upcoming album “The Human Condition” in the early summer.

Man Must Die
Man Must Die At MySpace


Goat The Head Sign Deal With Tabu

This death metal band from Norway has recently signed with Tabu Recordings and are shooting for a release this fall.

Goat The Head

Goat The Head At MySpace


Record Label Links Updated

If you look WAY down this page, down past all those upcoming release dates and previous release dates, you’ll see some links to record labels. Now I’ve added a few more, which I will update now from week to week just like I do with release dates, and they’re alphabetized as well.

Band Feature: Trencher

Trencher is a death/grind outfit that adds electronics to the mix (which often sounds like a Casio keyboard). Their latest album titled “Lips” came out on Southern not too long ago.

Trencher At MySpace
Trencher At Southern


Band Feature: Iamthethorn

Iamthethorn play some very heavy, caustic and biting noisecore. They released their new album titled “You Are The Lamb” last week through Goodfellow.

Iamthethorn At MySpace


Band Feature: The Berzerker

The Berzerker is an industrial/death/grind band from Australia. They used to dress up in costumes with members only referenced by what instruments they play, but now the band seems to be going without the visual aspect. Despite the sound of processed drums which go insanely fast, they are played by a person instead of a drum machine. The Berzerker will release their new album titled “Animosity” April 24 through Earache.

The Berzerker
The Berzerker At MySpace
The Berzerker At Earache


Type O Negative Post Audio Samples Of New Album

Barnes & Noble has 30 second audio samples for the new Type O Negative album titled “Dead Again” posted here.

Type O Negative
Type O Negative At MySpace
Type O Negative At SPV/Steamhammer

Labels: Article About Decibel Magazine

Out of all the music magazines I read, Decibel is by far my favourite, as the writing is good, and they’re able to capture a wide variety of extreme forms of music from more underground circles than most magazines I can think of. That’s why Decibel is listed first in the links list for music magazines on this site.

You can read the article here.

Ken Mode Working On New Album

Winnipeg based noise/core/metal band KEN Mode is scheduled to record later this year with Jahmeel Russel, and hopes to have their new album out late in 2007. The KEN in KEN Mode is rumoured to stand for "Kill Everyone Now".

Ken Mode
Ken Mode At MySpace
Escape Artist


Into The Moat Working On New Album

Into The Moat recently dispelled rumours of their breakup, and announced they will be working on a new album titled “The Campaign” most likely through Metal Blade. Erik Rutan will be producing.

Into The Moat is a technical/grind metalcore band popularized by Dillinger Escape Plan and Ion Dissonance.

Into The Moat
Into The Moat At MySpace
Into The Moat At Metal Blade


Ovtavia Sperati New Album Details

Octavia Sperati comes from Norway, and play what’s been described a mix of been described a mix of goth with some doom. They have a new album coming out titled “Grace Submerged” which will be released in Norway on May 10, and Europe on May 21 through Candlelight. Dates for Japan and North America are still pending.

Here is the track list for “Grace Submerged”:

01. Provenance of Hate
02. Deprivation
03. Guilty Am I
04. Don't Believe a Word
05. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
06. Moonlit
07. Going North
08. ...and Then the World Froze
09. The Final Rest
10. Submerged

Ovtavia Sperati
Ovtavia Sperati At MySpace
Ovtavia Sperati At Candlelight


Monday, February 26, 2007

Band Feature: With Passion

I have their first release “In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil”, and I thought it was an entertaining and slightly different variation on melodic metalcore (especially because of the piano runs). With Passion no longer has a keyboard player, and the new songs that I’ve heard for “What We See When We Close Our Eyes” sounds like extremely technically proficient melodic metalcore with melodic guitar runs all over the place. “What We See When We Close Our Eyes” will be out March 8 through Earache.

With Passion
With Passion At MySpace
With Passion At hxcmp3


Vital Remains Post Album Art

You can view the cover art for “Icons Of Evil” here. The album is due out April 3 through Century Media.

Vital Remains
Vital Remains At MySpace
Vital Remains At Century Media


Haste The Day Post Song And E-Card

Haste The Day has posted a new song titled “Stitches” at their MySpace page here. You can view a e-card for their upcoming album “Pressure The Hinges” due out March 20 on Solid State here.

Haste The Day
Haste The Day At MySpace
Haste The Day At Solid State


Annihilator Post Album Art

You can view the album art for the upcoming Annihilator album titled “Metal” here.

Annihilator At MySpace
Annihilator At SPV


The Secret Post Songs Online

You can hear 2 demo songs at the MySpace page from The Secret here. The demo songs I’ve heard sounded like some very crazy grind , the weird sort of art music that Goodfellow has a good reputation for putting out. A recommended band.

The Secret At MySpace

(Thanks: Lambgoat)


Samael New Album Info

Samael have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records to release their eighth album titled “Solar Soul”, which will be released on June 1. A song from “Solar Soul” titled “Savocracy” has been posted at their MySpace page here.

Century Media will also release a Samael anthology titled “Aeonics - An Anthology” to celebrate the bands 20th anniversary. The release will contain a 24-page booklet with pictures and lyrics. The band supervised the project and Vorph also wrote liner notes for each song.

Here’s the track list for “Aenonics - An Anthology” :

01. Exodus
02. Black Trip
03. Rebellion
04. Baphomet's Throne
05. Telepath
06. Together
07. Supra Karma
08. Jupiterian Vibe
09. Rain
10. The Cross
11. After The Sepulture
12. On Earth
13. Moonskine
14. Worship Him
15. Ceremony Of Opposites
16. Blood Ritual
17. Into The Pentagram
18. Koh-I-Noor
19. Reading Mind

Samael comes from Switzerland, and started off as a black metal band but morphed into an electronic/industrial sort of goth band they are today.

Samael At MySpace
Samael At Century Media
Samael At Nuclear Blast


Deathkiller New Album

The debut album from Deathkiller will be titled “New England Is Sinking”, which will be released April 24 through I Scream Records. The band features ex members of Hatebreed and Most Precious Blood. I would describe the sound of Deathkiller as VERY old-school emotional hardcore, I mean, we’re talking mid-80's here, so it sounds like the stuff that came before the emo/screamo we know today. Very interesting.

Deathkiller At MySpace
I Scream


Unsigned Band Feature: Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation

How about that band name? I found out about Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation when Revolver magazine mentioned that they had participated in the Maryland Deathfest. They’re an all girl band playing what’s described as death/grind, but to my ears I hear only old-school grind. I can’t seem to find much information at their official website (which hasn’t been updated since 2005) or their MySpace page. Their MySpace page however has stated that they hit the studio in January this year to record.

It’s pretty surprising to find grind of this quality being unsigned (perhaps by choice of the band?). If you look at the discography at their website, you can find a live video.

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation At MySpace


Unholy Post New Song Online

You can hear a new song from the upcoming album from Unholy at their MySpace page here. The song is titled “A Whisper In The Darkness” which comes off their album “Blood Of The Medusa”, which due out June 5 through Lambgoat Records.

I would describe the sound of Unholy as metalcore. The band features guitarist Jonathan Dennison who currently plays in When Tigers Fight and The Path Of Resistance, and formerly of Another Victim and Santa Sangre.

Unholy At MySpace

Lambgoat Records


Nile To Enter The Studio

This is one piece of news I’ve been waiting to hear about for a long time now. Ever since Nile signed to Nuclear Blast, people talked about how Nile would release an album in 2007. Monday February 26 is the day they hit the studio (that’s today!) to start recording their new full-length for Nuclear Blast. No other info has been posted as of yet, the only thing we know is that Nile will be doing a headlining tour in Australia with Decapitated in May.

Nile At MySpace
Nile At Nuclear Blast
Nile At Relapse


Svartahrid Post New Songs Online

Coming from Norway and playing black metal, Svartahrid have posted 2 new songs at their MySpace page here. The songs are titled “Sadness And Wrath” and “Svartahrid”, both coming from their upcoming full-length album titled “Sadness And Wrath” due for release in March through Soulseller Records.

Svartahrid At MySpace

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Band Feature: Boris

Boris comes from Japan, and I’ve been hearing more and more about them since they released one of their full-length albums “Pink” in North America in 2005. Recently they collaborated on a project with the members of Sunn O))), and people from some other bands as well recently calling that release “Altar”, but it doesn’t stop there. Boris also did a joint project (currently their most recent) with guitarist Michio Kurihara (of Ghost and White Heaven), calling that outing “Rainbow”. Boris plays extremely slow done doom/ambient, but I’ve heard they make major changes between albums. The changes are difficult to tabulate because Boris releases material so often (up to several full-lengths a year), and I’m sure these collaborations only add to the difficulty of figuring out what Boris has put out.

Boris At MySpace
Boris At Southern Lord


Vicious Art Sign With Mighty Music, Prepare New Releases

Coming from Sweden, Vicious Art play what some have labelled as a mixture of thrash/black/death, and features 2 former members of Dark Funeral. They recently signed a deal with Mighty Music, and are preparing to release a 7" through the vinyl division of Mighty Music (Prutten Records). The band is also working on a full-length album for a fall release.

Vicious Art
Vicious Art At MySpace


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gwynbleidd Make Entire EP Available Through Streaming

Gwynbliedd who have been described as a mixture of black/death/folk/progressive and more have posted their entire EP “Amarathine” in streaming format here. The band surprisingly comes from New York City.

Gwynbleidd At MySpace
The End


Soulfallen Sign With Off Records, Prepare Album

Soulfallen comes from Finland, and has been described as a mixture of melodic death metal (with keyboards) and black metal (with keyboards). The description seems pretty apt. They recently signed with Off Records and will enter the studio in spring to record their debut album, and aim for an August release.

SoulFallen At MySpace


Throne Of Katarsis Post Album Info

Throne Of Katarsis are a black metal band that come from none other than Norway. They will be releasing their upcoming album titled “An Eternal Dark Horizon”, I believe on March 24 through Candlelight Records. Don’t let the track list fool you, there are 5 very long songs, so it is a full-length, not and EP. The material I heard from them so far sounds compelling.

Throne Of Katarsis
Throne Of Katarsis At Candlelight


Swallow The Sun Post New Track

You can hear a new track from the latest Swallow The Sun album at the Candlelight Records MySpace page here. Swallow The Sun is a doom/death band from Finland.

Swallow The Sun
Swallow The Sun At Spinefarm

(Thanks: Lambgoat)


Blood Freak To Release New Album

The vocals are almost finished on the new Blood Freak album which will be titled “Multiplex Massacre”. The album will be available through Razorback.

I went to the MySpace page for Blood Freak, and I would describe the songs I heard as a mixture of death/grind/rock, and being extremely entertaining to listen to (save for the songs that have very long movie clips for intros).

Blood Freak is currently a one-man project, with the only member being "Maniac Neil".

Blood Freak
Blood Freak At MySpace
Blood Freak At Razorback


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Band Feature: Doom Day

While Doom Day is described by some as an “All-Star Metalcore Band”, the songs I heard would have me classify them more as hardcore with hints of thrash and guitar solos. The four-piece band contains members from many European hardcore and metal bands. The band contains drummer Robin Guy (ex-Bruce Dickinson, The Business), bass player Volcan “Audiocleaner” Tuereli (Jaylan), guiatrist Gizz Butt (ex-The Prodigy, English Dogs) and vocalist Alexander “Shutta” Parvanov (Brothers In Blood, She Was Asking For It, ex-Vendetta).

They just put out their first album titled “Count Your Useless Hours” which was released yesterday through Superhero Records and Count Swell Creek.

The songs I heard from their MySpace page were extremely compelling, offering a slightly different variations on modern metallic hardcore.

Doom Day At MySpace
Count Swell Creek


Nora Set Release Date

Metalcore band Nora will release their new album “Save Yourself” out on Trustkill May 29.

Nora At MySpace
Nora At Truskill


Hopesfall Post Album Info

Metalcore band Hopesfall will release their new album “Magnetic North” May 15 through Trustkill. Here’s the track list:

01. Rx Contender The Pretender
02. Swamp Kittens
03. Cubic Zirconias Are Forever
04. I Can Do This On An Island
05. Secondhand Surgery
06. Vacation/Add/Vacation!
07. Magnetic North
08. Saskatchewan
09. East of 1989, Battle Of The Bay
10. Bird Flu
11. The Canon
12. Devil's Concubine
13. Head General Hospital
14. Paisley

Hopesfall At MySpace
Hopesfall At Trustkill


Vanmakt Prepare New Album

Vanmakt is a black metal band hailing from Sweden. Their debut album titled “Vredskapta Mörkersagor” is currently being mixed. The debut album will see a release in 2007 through Pulverised Records.

Vanmakt At MySpace


Torche To Record New Album

Stoner band Torche gained many good critical reviews for their self-titled album which was released in 2005. They’re now planning to enter Godcity Studios in Boston Massachusetts somewhere between late May or early June to begin recording their new album with producer Kurt Ballou, the guitarist for Converge.

Torche At MySpace
Robotic Empire


Nominon Start Recording New Album

Coming from Sweden, Nominon play old-school European death metal. I’ve heard a couple of older songs, and Nominon seems to have grown by leaps and bounds between albums. When they’re done recording, the album will come out in North America through Deathgasm Records.

Nominon At MySpace


Immolation Post New Song And Album Info

Immolation hails from the old school of American death death metal. They’re located in New York state, and they’ve forged a unique sound among their peers. They’ve posted a new song on their MySpace page titled “World Agony” here. The song itself is great, with overlapping melodies on top of Immolations signature riffs, with an overall epic feel, unfortunately the production seems terrible (why haven’t Century Media and Listenable put some money forth for good production and a new website for these guys?). The song comes from the new Immolation album “Shadows In The Light” due out April through Century Media and Listenable.

Here is the track list for “Shadows In The Light”:

01. Hate's Plague
02. Passion Kill
03. World Agony
04. Tarnished
05. The Weight of Devotion
06. Breathing the Dark
07. Deliverer of Evil
08. Shadows in the Light
09. Lying with Demons
10. Whispering Death

Immolation At MySpace
Immolation At Century Media
Immolation At Listenable

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Coldworker To Begin Writing

Coldworker is the death/grind band formed by former Nasum drummer Anders Jacobson. They’ve reported that next week they will be in “writing mode”, and attempting to get 4 to 5 demo songs out by March or April.

Coldworker At MySpace
Coldworker At Relapse


Vried Sign With Indie Records And Are About To Finish New Album

Vried is a Norwegian black metal band that formed from the ashes famed pioneering black/folk/viking band Windir after the death of key Windir member Valfar. They’ve recently signed to the Norwegian record label Indie Recordings and are almost finished their new album “I Krig (At War)”.

Vried At MySpace
Indie Distribution


Insision Post Cover Art And Track List For New Album

Swedish death metal band Insision has finished their third album “Ikon”. The album is due out near the end of April through Dental Records. You can view the cover art here.

Here is the track list for “Ikon”:

01. A Ravenous Discharge
02. Unbind My Hands
03. By Habit
04. Depleting The Non-Being
05. Into The Cold
06. Breathing The Black Dust
07. Doubt Denied
08. Entangled In Thorns
09. The Magnet Soul

Insision At MySpace
Dental Records


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Band Feature: Gallhammer

I’ve had an interest in Japanese bands for awhile now, but one of the problems with Japanese bands is having their material make it out to the rest of the world (as I hear it, Japanese bands have lots of home-country support).

Gallhammer play an extremely compelling mixture of punk, old-school doom and black metal. As strange as that mixture might sound to some, the end result works out very well. Recently they released somewhat of a “boxed set” that contains a CD full of demos and rehearsals, as well as a DVD of several live shows. This boxed set is called “The Dawn Of...”, and don’t be fooled about the sound quality of those demos, as they seem to nail the sound quality for raw production just right.

“The Dawn Of...” was released in January through Peaceville.

Gallhammer At MySpace
Gallhammer At Peaceville


Behemoth Finishing Up New Album

If you head on over to their website, you can read about how Behemoth is finishing up their upcoming album which will be titled “The Apostasy”. They’re shooting for a late July release date through Century Media.

Behemoth At MySpace
Behemoth At Century Media


Face Down Post New Song Online

A new song from a pre-production demo titled “Irreversable” at their MySpace page here. Face Down reunited with Marco Aro after he left The Haunted.

Face Down
Face Down At MySpace
Face Down At Black Lodge


The Destro Sign To Ironclad

The Destro describes themselves as thrash/death band which sounds apt. Recently they signed to Ironclad Recordings and are planning to release their debut full length titled “As The Coil Unwinds” on May 15 through the label.

The Destro At MySpace
The Destro At Icronclad


Lord Belial Post Songs And Album Info

Lord Belial has been described as a black/death band (although I don’t hear the death metal component). Their seventh full length has been titled “Revelation”, and will be released April 30 through Regain Records. 2 songs from the album titled “Vile Intervention” and “Unspoken Veneration” at their MySpace page here.

Lord Belial
Lord Belial At MySpace
Lord Belial At Regain

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